Wednesday, August 27, 2008

10 Stories

Beginning to think about stories for New Orleans, I have so far settled upon two Subjects, The church, and reconstruction.

1. The influence Catholicism has had on the traditions and culture of New Orleans.
2. How has the Church been an essential aid to the redevelopment of the city.
3. What is the current state of the Church and its congregations. What are parishes facing in terms of finances and decreases in parish sizes.
4. The Church's views of the changing of culture and celebration in New Orleans.

5. Habitat for Humanities role in rebuilding of houses.
6. The pride and accomplishment of families who have rebuilt and once again are living in there home parishes.
7. Businesses who have rebuilt and are trying to jump start their companies again.
8. Changes in architecture after Katrina.
9. The availability of resources for people in the process of rebuilding.
10. The changes in the lifestlyes of residents as a result of Katrina.

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Colleen Mullins said...

#9 in "Reconstruction" is a very complex and interesting's what you might be looking at--where did all the lumber go from Katrina-felled trees? Contractors who stole deposits from old ladies and never showed up again...Why is there so much migrant Hispanic labor, when so many locals are struggling to put food on the table and a roof over their heads? How do things like this become fodder for confusing liberalism where fighting immigration while hating the Republican administration and what it did for them, are par for the course--perhaps the fierce independent streak in New Orleanians guarantees those contradictions.

As for the church aspect. I become confused as to whether you are in all of your ideas, only discussing the Catholic church...because there are all breeds of denomination who have come to help--to photograph and discuss down there. There are also wonderful local parishes of every make and manner. How about this one--Hollywood's perceptions of faith in New Orleans before and after the storm...there's a good episode of a bad series called, "K-Ville" for this one...Angel name it...